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Dns-query.net is an online service that offers the possibility to perform dns lookups online.

Simply fill the following form and press the "Send Query" button to see the result for your name resolution question.

What is a dns query?

When you are asking to see a particular site on the internet, you are really asking for an implicit question: "what is the IP address for the domain i want to see?". The dns system was invented to reply to those kind of questions. It translates domains (hm... hostnames...) in ip addresses. It is also very useful to know other name-ip related informations. There are different types of queries you can do:

  • A:
    they ask the dns system to translate an hostname into an ipv4 address.
  • CNAME:
    if you make such kind of query you are asking the system if the hostname has an alias.
  • MX:
    this kind of queries are really important since the email system is based on these records. MX stands for mail exchanger and the question you are making is "which is the mail excanger for the domain?".
  • NS:
    this query is useful to know which are the name servers that are handling a domain.
  • PTR:
    when you know an ip address and you want to know what is the hostname for that ip address, you must make a ptr query.

There are also other types of queries, which are less useful or less used, here you can make them all.

DNS Know How

  • Wikipedia
    Clear explanation and technical instruction on the domain name system
  • HowStuffWorks
    Another well done explanation page, full with examples
  • Microsoft
    In this page Microsoft explains how dns works (very Windows oriented)


  • DoxPara
    Check if your name server is vulnerable to a very popular bug
  • Dynamic Dns
    Offers a free service for binding your DSL-ip address with a name
  • DNS Stuff
    Provides a good set of tools for sys admins
  • BIND
    This is really "THE" name server software

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